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With our good logistics and distributed operating systems, users can enjoy variety of product

everyday 24 hours and also a new shopping experiene that is innovative, convenient and simple

Your Security Assistant

Blue Shield

BluePay Wallet uses BlueShield security system to protect your daily transaction.

With real-time warning, BlueShield prevent and analyze the risk. Keeping your wallet always safe

BluePay's Experience

We strive our best to provide a secure and convenient way for your daily transaction, connect the future via payment

Serving all Indonesia, BluePay is close to every corner of your life

Cooperation with Pocari Sweat to support Asian Games 2018

BluePay received great enthusiasm from our users in the society

We continuously train and prepare our team to provide better services for our users

BluePay regularly held team building event to strengthen relationship between our team

BluePay History

PT BluePay Digital International was established in Jakarta as local financial technology company, which obtained E-money approval from BI to operate as a Server-Based Electronic Money in Indonesia that allows users to scan and pay bills, top up, and purchases.

PT BluePay Digital International’s operation and R&D center are established in Indonesia, with support from BluePay Group (South East Asia Fintech Company with HQ based in Bangkok) to provide the best mobile payment experience to its customers and partners.

One of BluePay’s main use cases is BlueMart smart vending machine. The company makes use of its extensive vending machine network in Indonesia, providing offline user with the most convenient, smart and new retail experience through mobile payment to users.

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